June 1930 Wedding and Philadelphia

After the letters stopped the record of the wedding is in photos:

wedding portrait

John and Ruth’s wedding portrait


The happy couple in the side yard of the Benton house on June 10, 1930

wedding w parents wedding w Merl & L wedding J w family

The photo on the left is of John and Ruth with their parents.  The middle photo is with Merl and Lillian who stood up with them at the wedding.  The third photo is of John with his family; his mom and dad and Edith are in back with John, Chet, Leonard, and Kathrine (the kiddies) are in front.

I know that they went to the Young Friends Conference in Canada on their honeymoon and I know by the dates on the playbills from cultural events in Philadelphia that they arrived there by late August, but where they spent the summer of 1930 and what Dad did for employment is unknown.  I suspect that Dad did soliciting for the college as Guy Solt was urging him to do, but don’t know that for certain.  Wonder where they lived?  Maybe the answer is lurking in one of the boxes in the attic.

There are lots of cute photos of them in Philadelphia and their work at the Friends Neighborhood Guild.  Here are a few:

J&R in phila w fur

This photo of Mom & Dad in Phila. shows the fur that Mom spoke of in the letters that she bought in Nebraska.

Guild brochure 31

This is the brochure that was in Mom’s scrapbook about their work. Dad is in the lower right photo; Mom in lower right. Click to enlarge.

It is interesting to note that the top photo on the brochure is of the Staff at College Settlement Farm Camp.  Dad’s brother Leonard, who also was a graduate of NCC, became director of this camp in Horsham, PA and was there until he retired.  No doubt Dad had a part in facilitating that connention. The main house on the camp is now called Ferguson House.  Uncle Leonard asked husband Dave to be on the camp board when we moved to this area.  Since the late 1970’s until this day Dave has served in some capacity with the board of the camp.

R at work in phila

Mom at work at the Guild. Note how skinny she is. She told me in her later years, when weight was an issue, of fond memories she had of an older lady at the Guild who made her milkshakes with cream to fatten her up!

Dad apparently was back at being a basketball coach at the Guild because there are lots of photos of boys of all ages lined up like the pictures from NCC holding basketballs.  They were every bit as scruffy looking as the pictures from college days!  Funny to learn that Dad was a basketball coach because I don’t remember him ever talking about or watching basketball.

J&R at farm 31

I love this picture of Mom & Dad. It was dated 1931 so I’m pretty sure they went home in the summer. He doesn’t think so, but to me this picuture of Dad looks so much like picutures of brother Rich when he was that age. At any rate, I think it is such a cute happy picture.

To be continued after I do research in the attic!!


5 thoughts on “June 1930 Wedding and Philadelphia

  1. Rachel….what was the Settlement Camp. Love the photo of the 4 of them. also, when did your mother pass away? I remember getting the call from my mom…had to have been in the 70’s or early 80’s? cause I remember the house we were living in then. Wasn’t she visiting at your home? Also, what was the Friend’s Service Committee? I remember that name in conjunction with Uncle Guy’s name.

    • Mom died in 1976 and, yes, she was at my house. AFS is the international relief of the Quakers. Your Uncle Guy Solt worked for them when he came east. The Friends Neighborhood Guild and College Settlement Camp were Philadelphia Quaker social service projects. The Guild and the camp still exist. I want to visit the Guild and learn more. As I mentioned, we are involed with the camp

  2. Rachel, I have some of the same photos my father kept in his photo album!! He loved the picture of your folks at the farm leaning against the car! He called them the “in love” and snazzy couple! I remember my Dad saying how the two of them, our Dads, would discuss cars before they would buy a car!

    I also remember when your Mom passed away and my father cried and cried and said “Ruth was my best friend”. They were so close. Both of my folks were very quiet after your Dad called. But, at the same time he laughed telling about all of the things he and your Dad talked about – the same way when we talked.

    Love the pictures! Elizabeth

    • What a touching story. After reading the letters we understand the depth of love not only between your dad and my mom, but between our dads as well. If only they could have lived closer together! We honor them by reconnecting. Thank for journeying with me.

  3. Rachel, I am so sad that the letters have come to an end. I have enjoyed every one. I’m sad that I never had the opportunity to know your mother, more than just who she was. I always loved the few times I ever saw her. I loved learning about her love for music. Thank you for all the time it has taken for you to blog all the letters. I will look forward to any more information you can share with us. Cousin Esther

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