Welcome to new readers of this blog

Greetings to new readers of Nebraska Letters, especially those who have learned about the blog from the series of articles published by the North Penn Reporter newspaper during Valentine Week 2014.  A huge thank you to the paper for getting excited about the letters and for giving me the chance to share the saga of John and Ruth Ferguson’s first five years together leading up to their marriage in 1930.  The letters paint an intimate view of life at that time with the little brush strokes of history that they mention in the letters.  They are love letters – what better time to share than Valentine’s week – but are much, much more than that.

The best way to read the blog is to scroll all the way to the end to start with the introduction and the oldest letters beginning in 1925 and then read up through the blog.  It is long…there were hundreds of letters.  I put some of my favorite quotes in bold, so if you want to skim the blog you can scroll up and look at the pictures and the highlighted text and get a feel for the content, but I’ll warn you, if you start reading the stories you will get hooked.  They read like a novel.  

But most of all, thank you Mom and Dad.  You were incredible people and the best parents ever.  Your family is so grateful that you saved these precious letters for us to read and share 89 years later. Enjoy! Please leave comments (I love comments!)  ~ Rachel Ferguson Rider


2 thoughts on “Welcome to new readers of this blog

  1. How wonderful that you found another way to share your precious letters. Our parents shared such a beautiful friendship so many years ago. The letters gave me lots of information about Ruth’s and dad’s life on the farm, at Central then continuing their life in PA….thanks so much for all the time you’ve spent organizing the letters. Donna

  2. It is so great to be able to read these letters and see the old pictures of Aunt Ruth and Uncle John. My grandfather (Ralph A. Benton) was the brother of Ruth Benton. I recognize a few of these pictures based on seeing similar ones in grandpa’s photo album. There is something magical as I see familiar faces- especially of my lovely grandfather. I lost my precious mother Elizabeth Sexson in May of 2013. It was a surprise when I read the letters, and saw that mom had made a comment to one of them several months before she died.

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