Mom 1928


Merl has done it – he bought Lillian a ring and it’s a big one. I asked Merl when he was going to be married and he said he didn’t know, he didn’t think it would be next summer. I half way believe he i kidding me. He said he wasn’t really sure he wanted to get married. I thought to myself, brother if we could only exchange places. If I thought for a minute that you feel as Merl says he does then I believe I would die of a broken heart. Now that you have taught me to love you so you cannot leave me unless you want to cause lots of misery. However I have never had the least occasion to believe that you have ever contemplated such a thing. We are too much alike. You know how I feel and I know how you feel and therein lies our happiness.
I had hoped to see Mother today but it was so cold we didn’t go down. Ralph and Dad went down yesterday to see her and found that she is getting along nicely. She has not been able to sleep much and her back hurts her some but the doctor said we couldn’t expect her to get along any better than she is after such an operation. I have no idea how long it will be before she can come home and it will be a long time before she can work. It will seem strange to have Ralph go back tomorrow and leave me here. I wonder if anyone will miss me at school?
I have really been having very good luck so far. I baked bread Thursday and it was really quite good. When I set some o the table Dad smiled a little and said “Is this the bread you baked?” I was so proud I could have broken the buttons off my dress if it had had any on it. Yesterday I made some pumpkin pies. There weren’t as good as other makes but one would know they were supposed to be pumpkin pies. I have been having lots of fun with the pressure cooker. The other day when I was using it the pressure got too high and the safety valve began to let off steam. Lawrence just came into the kitchen and wasn’t looking for anything like that He surely took himself out in a hurry. It is hard to keep the heat regular with a wood fire. I guess there is no danger of the thing exploding if the id is screwed down tight and the valves are working properly. Oh it’s a great life if you can stand the strain. I thought I had to work when I was in school but oh boy!! it wasn’t anything like this. I’d be ashamed to have you see my hands like thy are now let alone holding them. The other day I sliced into the ball of my thumb, I have burned my hand just enough to make them sore, and having them in water so much makes them sore and rough. The biggest trouble comes when I set down at the piano. I can feel the limberness going out of my fingers since I don’t have enough time to loosen them up everyday.

We were down to see other today. She is a jolly as ever, in fact I was afraid she was laughing more than would be good for her Uncle Willie, Aunt Cecil and Uncle Philo were there. Mother would laugh until she would have to hold her sides. It made a funny little lump come in my throat to see mother lying there so. She waited almost too long before she had her operation. The doctor told her it would probably be some time before she would be free from that pain she has had so long. It seems to bother her feet making her restless so she can’t sleep.
The other day I was saying that things seemed so different this tie that I had to keep house I don’t mind the work at all especially cooking and that everything seemed to go better Chester said it was a sign that I was ready to settle down. Perhaps so, who know. I know it would even be more fun to keep house for you than for Mother’s family. We must have patience, the time will come.
Mother thought she might be home before the 13th which is her birthday. If so I’ll be back to school on the 16th, but don’t count on it. I would feel better if I didn’t go back to school but stayed to do the work giving Mother a chance just to rest and grow strong again I’ll be thinking of Mother all the tie when I do go back. I’ll b afraid she’ll start working too soon After an appendix operation the patient shouldn’t do ay lifting for a long time Dad says he will get someone to do the work for awhile, but it is too hard to find anyone to work around here.
We have all had colds and I am in the midst of a miserable one. I did the washing yesterday and got so cold hanging out the clothes that that helped my cold on However, I nearly always take cold if Dad has one. Funny, I never take one from you even when you kiss me about a thousand times in an evening.
Considering the fact that I must get breakfast in the morning and get the kids off to school in time (how does that sound?) I must retire. I have a great time trying to b mother, cook, maid, washerwoman and flapper daughter all at once. I don’t know which predominates but I know by evening I am mighty tired.


Nothing much has happened except in the kitchen. I mean that is all I know about. I haven’t had a chance to do anything since I came home and I begin to crave a little excitement. The boys went to a party Friday evening but for some reason they didn’t seem very anxious for me to go Therefore, I stayed home and washed dishes. I’m not especially anxious to get back to school except to see you If I had my examinations and credit for first semester I’d be tempted to stay home the rest of the year. Keep that under you hat, please. I don’t suppose the folks would listen to it. It has been a relief to get away from the wearing grind of work in school. There is plenty of work here, more than I can ever get doe but it is my own work and not what someone else has demanded me to do. If I don’t get it all done no one is going to take my head off for it.
I am very much interested in “David Copperfield” when I can get a little time to read. I just read about his wedding with Dora. Do you know I can’t help but think of Marie when I read about Dora. They act for all the world alike. Ralph and Marie act like David and Dora. You’ll probably say “oh now Ruthie” but nevertheless you have my opinion.


I finished David Copperfield and when ever a read a love story I think of you. I seem to be so made that I need love. I cannot think of the future in terms of myself alone. It seems as natural as day and night that I should mother something and love it. Foolish as it may sound I catch myself many times making a slave of myself to every whim and desire of Dad and the boys but I like to do thigs for them that I know they want done. When I have just you to work for I’m afraid you’ll become a very much spoiled husband.
I wish you could have been here this eveing. Today is Dad’s birthday so I fixed a special dinner for him. I made a white cake with white icing and put his age on it in pink. We had him cut the cake. It was fun. We were sorry Mother couldn’t be here but she is coming home tomorrow. Uncle Willie is going down to get her. He wanted to because their car rides so smoothly.
If Ralph comes to get me I’ll probably see you Sunday. If he doesn’t I don’t know whether I’ll come Saturday or Monday but I want you to meet me at the train. I’ll let you know.


I’ve been having a great time since I’ve been home. I told Mother I guess I’d have to go back to school to rest. I went to a play on Sat, church twice on Sunday, Monday evening I took Mother and Aunt Minnie to a cooking demonstration in Waterbury and I have ben at Allen most of today and my aunt from Wyoming was here when we got home. I went to Allen to see Mr. Bell. Yes I have signed a contract for a position in the Allen school but with one requirement. I must go to summer school. I don’t doubt but its a good thing for me and Im sure I would feel more sure of myself when I begin teaching. I’ll get $100 a month. Don’t you think that is good? I do Just think what I can do with $900!
Another nice thing has happened. Dad has a new car, a four door, four cylinder Dodge sedan. Its a keen little car and Dad’s as tickled over it as a little boy with a new toy and so are the boys.
I certainly hope you haven’t felt the effects of our mistake. I have. I am not blaming you at all, on one but myself. I know why you did it and I could have prevented it oly it is so easy to yield to the sensation of the oet Please do not blame yourself for my weakness. I know that when I am careful you are likewise so it is up to me to se the pace. It is going to be mightly easy to do the same thing over, I know, but I’ll try to remember the consequences. I still hold to my same ideas on the subject. I know of no sure means now. Do you follow me? It would be the easiest thing in the world to yied to nature’s way but I can’t bring myself to it yet. Please don’t think I love you less. It seems to me the only thing for us to do is not to be together so much. It seems I can’t be with you without being in your arms therefore the only solution is not to be together (down deep in my heart I hope you won’t abide by that!)

6/7/28 Estes Park, CO

At last my dream has come true and I am at Esters Park. I haven’t seen everything that I expected but I’m not disappointed in anything so far. We haven’t had time to see very much yet and can’t take any hikes until the doctor examines our hearts again. I joined the guest group on prayer but I was terribly disappointed int eh leader. She seemed inclined to shut anyone up who tries to express any idea different than what she wants us to think. Queer, but I find there are many students who feel very much as I do and want to know the use of it all anyway. Sherwood Eddy spoke this morning. He is very interest and I enjoy him but this morning he got side tracked on relationships between men and women That subject is alright but I think it can easily be over done. We are pretty much alone. Nearly every college has a larger delegation that naturally group together and its a little difficult to break into them. We girls are invited to a tea this afternoon. To be truthful I’m not very wild about it anymore than I am about any tea, but I suppose it must be done.

6/8/28 from Estes

Perhaps you can understand why I am so tired this evening when I say I climbed Sheep Mt. this afternoon. I’m saying it was a hard thing to do but I did it and not in a bad way either. My heart doesn’t bother me a bit but I just don’t have enough strength in my legs. My knees get so tired. I wish I could get off by myself some to get my thoughts collected on some of these things. In the meantime I shall try to analyze myself further.
6/10/28 from The Estes Park Conference of YMCA

It has been cloudy and rainy again today. I wouldn’t mind if it was cold but it is so disagreeable when it rains because we don’t have a warm place to go to . We can come to the administration building but it isn’t very warm and so many crowd around the fireplaces that one doesn’t have much of a chance at it. I went to a music appreciation period. It was perfectly delightful. I don’t know how I can do anything
else but take more music. I want it so. Somehow it just gets into me so that I must do something more about it.
Do you know that the more I analyze myself the less I think of myself. I know that I am thoughtless, selfish and cowardly. Those are terrible things to think and I would be thoroughly discouraged if I didn’t think I had a few redeeming qualities. I feel truly unworthy of you who have accomplished so much.
I wish I had the nerve to go and play the piano but there are too mnay people around who can pay so much better than I.

6/9/28 from Estes

We made a trip to Bear Lake and then up th mountain but we didn’t reach our destination because of a lack of time. It was a shame that the clouds hung so low we weren’t able to see much of anything after we got way up there. It was a long hike as you kow but I enjoyed it more than the one yesterday. I have a silly steak on tonight and have laughed and laughed at Helen. Her feet were just slopping wet and everytime she took a step I could hear the water slop in her shoes. I hate to go to bed it is so cold. I need someone to cuddle me don’t you know. I only know one person whoknows how to do it right and that is you. Even Ralph doesn’t know exactly how. A fellow from Grand Island asked Ralph today if you were here. He said he thought you were on of the finest fellows he ever knew. Isn’t that nice?


We went down to Estes Park town this morning to buy some new camp equipment. After Ted left we had to get somethings for ourselves. It will be fun for we two, dear, to go camping sometime, don’t you think? Everything is arraned very nicely for us here. We can wash our dishes at the lodge and could do our cooking there too if we so desired but we get aong very nicely with our camp fire. We are going to have pancakes and hamburger in the morning. Don’t you wish you were here? It has been cloudy and cold again today and is snowing now. Imagine, on the 11th of June!went on a picnic this afternoon to Bartloft Park or some such place. We started out in the rain but it didn’t last very long but I had to poke along most of the time with Helen. Let me give you a piece of advice – don’t ever take a fat girl out hiking with you. You have accused me of being a flirt and I have tried not to be that here. Perhaps I have gone the other extreme too much.
I have had a queer feeling in some of the meetings of whether or not all these people really and truly believe in their hearts and minds the things they say or whether they have just made themselves believe as they do. Perhaps I feel that way just because I haven’t rationalized my way thru clearly as we both know so well. I am trying to decide for myself what god is, if I should pray and what the results might be. I haven’t tried to pray for about a year. I just couldn’t because I felt so like a hypocrite. Until I know what I am praying to and praying for I can’t do it. We are such a infinite part of the universe who have no right to think too highly of our own powers. Can’t we live out our work toward our desires more effectively by action than by spending our time speaking to the unknown?


You will get terribly tired of having me tell you I’ve got wet feet but I have again. This afternoon Ralph and I went on the hike to Lockvale Pak. It was a lovely trip and the sun shone long enough for us to take a few good pictures. On the way back we went with a group over to Mills Lake at the foot of Long’s Mt. we had a lot of fun but on the way back to the car it started to rain and has been raining since. When Ralph and I came back we got some stuff for supper and then fully intended to go to meeting but we got to talking about personal matters and fooled away too much time to go to the meeting. After supper we went up to Fellowship Lodge and sat before the fireplace. It made us so warm and cozy we couldn’t drag ourselves away to go to the slides that were shown. We just fooled away our time looking at things then Ralph bought some trinkets for his “women folk”. We do have the most fun together.
We had a little tragedy on the campus this morning. A cabin burned up this morning and a car. I don’t know how it started unless someone left an oil stove burning. People from Sterling Kansas lived in the cabin. Many of the students have contributed some money to get them home and take care of them the rest of the time in the conference.


You mustn’t tell me how you wish I was waiting for you when you come from work. I want to be so much. Perhaps you’d better not come up this summer or I might marry you. It seems to be quite the thing to marry secretly around here. My domestic instincts are being roused more and more. Housework is becoming quite a joy. I’m not promising how long it will last. The folks are going on a vacation next week to be gone a few days inIowa and Kansas. Uncle willie and Aunt Cecil are going with them. Dad traded his new Dodge 4 for a standard 6. My, that car has power. I drove down to
Aunt Cecil’s this afternoon and when I came home the car came up the hill like it wasn’t there.


You should see the washing I put out today. Really you’d be surprised. I expected to take two days at it but it rained all day. Saturday and the rest of the days this week are filled with other activities. We are having quite a rainy spell just now. Dad has been anxious to put up the hey because he and other are going to take their vacation this week. That leaves us kids to run things again. I’ll have to do some canning while mother is gone. Doesn’t that sound funny t hear me say? I’m expecting to have some fun tomorrow afternoon. We’re having a surprise shower for Mable Way Johnston. There just isn’t anything romantic about that marriage so it seems to me.Mother called Mable Mrs. Johnston at church one Sunday and she said she was the first person who had called her that since she was married. Imagine being married a year and not being called Mrs. Johnston.


I was hoping you would be here yesterday. Chester’s girlie was here for dinner and Joe and his sweetie. Now don’t you wish you had been here? We have been getting along famously since the folks have been gone but there is so much to do all the time I hardly know which way to turn. I do hop you will come by Wednesday. I’ll be lonesome if you don’t and i doubt if I can take time to stop at Central on my way to Kearney unless Ralph takes me down in the car. I have to be at Kearney the twelfth to register. The gang was here yesterday. Roy is leaving the 4th or 5th to go back east but Mable will stay on here at home. Would we lie that? I begin to think we are different from most folks. By the way dear, I’d advise you to cut your dreams down to half.


The folks got home last night. They had a lovely time. A day of shopping just about gets me. Now I must sew as fast as I can to get things ready for school. Do you suppose I can make two dresses a day? I’m going to have to try. I just ached for you Wed. night. What a Fourth and the first one away from you since I’ve known you. It is decidedly different than any I’ve ever spent before.I fooled around with Bob Way because he didn’t have any date nor neither did I but he is so perfectly dumb. I was quite disgusted. The evening would have been a waste of time if it hadn’t been for the aeroplane ride. I did get a real thrill out of that as you can probably guess.

7/18/28 Kearny

I just got through struggling with those sixth graders and I’m tired nearly to death. This teaching business is no snap. I enjoy the fifth grade very much and like to work with them even if there is twice as many of them but the sixth grad — I could shake the socks off them. They make me red hot with their smart, silly stuff. They can be good if they want to but that isn’t very often. How thankful I am I hae nothing higher than the fifth grade next fall. They can talk all they want to about giving pupils plenty of freedom and ruling them with love but I want orderliness and obedience and if the only way you can get it is by caring it into them they’ll just have to be scared. Miss Evens has never given me any criticisms but she probably has written plenty.
I feel much encouraged about swimming. I really believe that by and by I shall lrn. It is the most fun I have all day but it makes me so tired I can hardly drag home ad down town to supper. It is almost impossible to try to study after supper. I get so sleepy after I come out of the pool. I’m glad now that I had to take swimming at 4 or I never would get a thing done in the afternoon.

7/24/28 Kearney, NE to St. Libory, NE

I thought I was awfully busy down at school but it is worse here. Lesson plans should be in tomorrow evening but all of mine won’t be. To ba for my grade. Sometimes I feel u and sometimes down about this teaching business but this week has been mostly up. Evans has given quite a little encouragement. For two days now she has had her methods class in to observe my teaching. She let e read their criticisms and some of them made me feel worse than nothing. From their observations I marvel that Evans lets me continue teaching at all. What a life! I took another test in music today. Did I tell you the last one I took I made 100?
Lillian’s yelling to go to bed so must wait until morning for further conversation. She always makes me go to be at ten.

7/31/28 Kearney, NE to St. Libory, NE

My goodness it is hot this evening! The swim surely felt good this afternoon. I’m getting so I donn’t ind the cold showers like I used to. Really I believe I can get used to most anything I also begin to have faint hopes that I will learn to swim. It is the most fun I have each day. Good thing I didn’t try to write last night. I would have been most pitiful. The day was perfectly terrible. I could have gladly shot everyone of those sixth graders and been happy in doing it. Miss Evens said if I had any weakness it was my discipline She also said, however, that that is a thing which will probably come with practice. She said that at the end of the session will probably say “If I could only do it over”. Really her conference with me was quite encouraging. Today was much better.

8/7/28 Kearney to St Libory

I just finished putting Danny to bed and now I feel very much like getting to bed myself.Imagine me, if you can, getting him to bed. Mrs. Kimberley says its good experience. I’ll be glad when I have a baby of my own to get ready for bed. It will be so nice. Ralph said in his letter today that Floyd and Sara have a 10 lb boy.
Well, Merl’s sweetie is surely having a time of it. I thought I had a bit of tough luck but it wasn’t nearly so bad as what she is having. I was up with her some last night. Poor kid, she just nearly has to clinch her hands every time she swallows and has to gargle every few minutes to keep her throat open enough to breath.

8/14/28 Kearney to Columbus, NE

I haven’t had to work much this week so I just loaf around. I handed in my reports today and when I get the grades in tomorrow I’ll be through with my practice teaching – thank goodness. Mother said in her letter today that my school would begin the 3rd of Sept. Won’t that be fun?
I was trailing along the street gazing at everything and along came Lawrence and Rose. They were going to the Hawaiian show at the World. They said they had been up to your grandfather’s the day before. Lawrence said he saw you on the train Monday morning.
Monday evening I went to see the doctor again about my “disease”. He gave me a light treatment this time – but oh my dear I haven’t been able to sit down comfortably since. I am burned front and back as i I had been in the hottest sunlight Now I do as much as I possibly can standing up. He said probably one application would be enough. I should hope so.
Bundy let me take my examination in music alright and then I didn’t have to take any finals today.

8/17/28 Kearney to Columbus, NE

Before I go to the commencement exercises I must send my dear one a word. It is likely I shall go to Central this evening. I have no classes today and could leave this noon but Merl hasn’t come yet and I don’t want to go and leave Lillian all alone. He will probably come some time this afternoon. So sorry he must miss commencement but he just can’t get here.
After the picnic yesterday I went up to see your grandparents. Your grandmother wasn’t there but your Aunt Bertha was. She had had a letter from Edith saying you were coing but I don’t believe I’ll stay over. There would be nothing I could do for Lillian because she is going to the hospital. Merl will stay with her until Monday. I would like to have a little time at Central, you know, because it will be some time before I’ll be there again.

8/22/28 Waterbury to Columbus

How glad I am of what took place twenty-one years ago It gave me you so you see it si my day too. I hope you received my little remembrance alright. I intended to get it for you before I left you but things just didn’t work that way and I had to wait until we got to Norfolk That was the kiddies and my secret the day I left I wonder if they told I didn’t care if they did but I just wondered if they could keep it
There is no rest for the wicked here. There is so much work to be done and Mother had had too much to do all summer during the heat and all that I feel like a slacker to lay around and rest any My hands have been so sore since I’ve been home. The joints in my hands and wrists hurt and are swollen.
We were told that Dessa and Vern were to be married today. Another of the gang gone however I’m really glad for Dessa’s sake. How it makes my heart ache for our union Two years isn’t so long but still when I want you so much it seems a terribly long while to wait It is a consolation to know that after I wait so long I will get a better husband than all the other girls get put together

8/26/28 Waterbury to Columbus

School starts in a week and so much to do. I thought we were going to have to cook for threshers tomorrow and Tuesday but it has rained bucketfuls this evening which will dlay the threshing until the middle of the week. Merl can home Friday evening and all of us here makes some gang to cook for and the dishes…there is no end to them. That is another disadvantage in “seventeen”. It makes too much work. I’d be worn to a frazzle for more reasons than one.
We had a shower for Dessa. We sure have had enough of these affairs this summer.I must be queer but I don’t even like the way they got married It doesn’t seem nearly so nice to me as the way you have planned our wedding. They went out to Wayne and were married at Sara’s house by Mr Clem. They just stayed there until Friday and then came back to Uncle Frank’s. Vern go into his old overalls and went to work. Not a bit romantic, do you think? I hope we can carry out the plans we have already made to the letter. They may sound idealistic but we’ll only get married once and it will be such a new and thrilling experience that I want tit to be as ice as possible and as much to ourselves as possible I’d rather not be bothered with other people for awhile. I just want to be with you.
Merl, Ralph and I were down to se Robert and Mary Way today. It is a shame the way Mary has to stay there and work when she dislikes it so much, She would much rather be doing something else. Housework is such a drudgery to her. She says you never can see what you have accomplished. One always has all the work to do over again day after day. Nothing especially to look forward to while I have so many new things to look forward to. Things are always changing for me. I think of Mother working away here day after day doing so much of the same thing over and over.The satisfaction must come in seeing the family development.
Something is decidedly wrong with Aunt Cecil She has lost in wight until you would scarcely recognize her, She looks like an old woman and can hardly get around, Mother thinks perhaps her trouble is cause by the few remaining teeth she has of her own. I do hope something can be done soon. Josie says she can’t leave her like that and go away to her school and she’s supposed to go Friday.
Did you get back your pep? Ralph seems to be getting more pepless every day I’m getting a bit disgusted with the way he is always talking He doesn’t try to think and plan for things he might do. He continually wanders over things he might do but never gets up the ambition to do them. Nevertheless I still love him.
If it will give your dad any satisfaction you might tell hi that the folks are very radically against Al Smith, yours in favor of Hoover, Ruth but more in love with John.

8/31/28 Waterbury to Columbus

I am more sorry than words can tell that it was necessary for Harold to have the operation but I am sure he would get along alright. He can be glad it is over with now. Tuesday Merl and I went shopping in the city. He is lots of fun to go with because he doesn’t mind a bit going with me when I shop for shoes and then I went with him while he shopped or pearls as a graduation gift ffor Lillian. They are petty but I think mine are prettier.
Yesterday Mother and I went to see Aunt Cecil and Josie. Aunt Cecil isn’t any better; the doctor does think her troubles are caused by her teeth.
Last night I went to Concord with Ralph. The Allen band gave a program there for th county fair. There were all dressed as bums and hobos with their noses all painted red. Everything for fun.
Mother and I may go to the Dakota county picnic this afternoon at Dakota City if the bread gets baked in time. That is mothers old home session of the country and she likes to go to see so many people she used to know. Such picnics are a bore to me but I rather like to watch the people and get introduced to Mother’s old friends
I want to whisper something to you. In my wandering on the way home I lost a petticoat. Do you know where it is? I left it at your house or not? Wouldn’t it b terrible if I had lost it on the street some where?

9/2/28 Waterbury to Columbus

Just one more day and I will be Miss Benton. It hardly seems possible that I will begin to really teach tomorrow. I have wanted to for so long in fact ever since I can remember and now that I am ready to begin I almost wish that I wasn’t. Now I think I would rather go on to college. However I don’t believe I would have ever been quite satisfied if I hadn’t tried my ability in teaching. I have been working at the school building since Friday morning. I never realize before how much red-tape there is to getting started in the school year, betting books ready and plans made for the week. It is rather nerve racking when one doesn’t know the first thing about it.I am very much enthused aobut our corp of teachers. As far as I can judge now they are as fine a bunch of girls as one could find anywhere. The girl I like best is from Sioux City named Catherine Myers. Only one man in the bunch sides Mr. Bell ad he is married. Fortunately (don’t you think?) for he lives at the same house I do. I haven’t seen him yet . They tell me his wife goes to school at Morningside. I was wondering who I was going to find for friends this winter that I could really enjoy after being with a college group so long but that is no problem now I know. I am going to have a good time with these girls.
As far as my physical surroundings they are as nearly perfect as I could hope to find. My room is at Mrs. Ellis’s house, Lee’s grandmother, first house on the right side of the street from the school The room is very nice and is furnished very nicely. I have the use of the piano as much as I like and am just across the street from Myers and Miller. My boarding place is two blocks west and such a boarding place! I’m very much afraid I’ll get fat eating there. The way this lady feeds us I don’t see how she akes anything.Now if you were only closer everything would be tip-top but if you always write me good letters I can even stand being away from you. I am homesick to see Pres and Mrs. Carrell. I’m afraid I’ll have to catch a bus your way by Thanksgiving.

With my 37 I won’t have much time to b thinking of such things as things. as much I would like to. 37 mind you! Whatever will I do with them all? But, John, I’ve just got to make a go of it. If I should fail I never could hold my head up again.


Have no fear of me getting lazy this winter There is no chance for anything like that. I’m here to say there is something doing all the time and if I don’t make something to do the pupils do. But they are a dear group. I have fallen in love with everyone of the youngsters already, even the one everybody said would be such a mean youngster. I am too happy for words. So far I have not had a bit of trouble with the youngsters, that is, out of the ordinary and the work has gone beautifully. The first morning I thought I was going to get frightened when the bell rang and there I stood before a group of 38 pairs o eyes all looking straight at me. I didn’t know what else to do so I just waded in as though it was the most common thing in the world for me to do I flatter myself in thinking the pupils do like me a little. The minute I step out on the playground they flock around me like bees Today my one little freckle-faced red-headed boy brought me a big apple. He didn’t say anything but just grinned and I acted like it was the nicest thing that ever happened I am quite enthused about the work if I just wouldn’t get so tired By evening I am ready to drop in my tracks. Perhaps I won’t notice it so much after awhile when I get ore used to the work. Myers feels just like I do, so tired we can scarcely get to supper. A new pupil came today – now I’m up to 39!!
Last night after school Chester came in to see me and then after awhile here came Dad. Said he just wanted to see how I lived through the day I was awfully glad he came Mother is coming up tomorrow evening when Ralph comes up for band The whole family is very much interested in my work and in my progress.

My first week of teaching is almost over and I am as happy over it as can be, strange as that may seem. I’m usually blue and discouraged with my attempts at anything, a miserable trait of mine. I wish I could be moe like some of these girls who can pass things over in a happy-go-lucky way. I can’t see but what they get just as far in the end as I do with all my concern over matters. Tonight I feel a heavy weight on my mind because I do not have my lesson plans completed for next week. Some o the teachers don’t have as much work done as I have and they don’t seem worried tonight; they are talking of going to a party. I have had to go into my teaching with my whole self as I have to do everything else in order to make it count. I have to be on my feet from 8:30 until 4:00. I can’t do anything sitting down. I didn’t have such a good day today. I simply had to sit down but the mischief begins at once, Ornery little imps! P.S. I left my petticoat at Mildred’s. She sent it to me last week.

Your sweetheart ha ben a school ma’am for a week and thus far is very much in love with her work. Except for being exhausted. I went home Friday evening. Mother made me go right to bed and that helped. I’ve had a headache today that I’m sure is just because of the nervous tension I am in. Mel warned me I would have all that to go through. I’ve just got to make a go of this or die in the attempt.
To think that NCC classes are starting tomorrow and I won’t be there, It almost turns on the “waterworks”. I come more near being homesick for the college than I ever was to go home from college.
We are all very sad and anxious about Aunt Cecil. She has not been getting any better, in fact has been failing rapidly. She’s in the hospital. The doctor told them that she has a goiter and the quicker she got rid of it the better She just went to pieces entirely and cried and cried. She was so bad the doctor forbid anyone from seeing her except Uncle Willie. They thought they were going to take her to Rochester for surgery but decided to wait awhile and take some treatments to get her nerves back. She was better today so they are encouraged. Give my best to everyone at school.

9/13/28 Allen to NCC

What I need tonight is a little of your special kind of comfort. After school tonight I felt like murdering someone. Those little imps of mine let loose today and I thought I’d just about lost control entirely. I don’t know why it is that I can’t control youngsters. I wish someone could tell e how it si done. So far I have tried to be especially nice to them but it isn’t taking effect seemingly so tomorrow if there is no change somebody is going to gt a lickin. The minute I turn my back on part of the room then the mischief begins. They are going to find out tomorrow that I will do something besides talk. I hate like everything to do it but I can’t let them tear up the room.
This terrible inferiority complex of mine is coming to the surface again. It makes me want to tear my hair but it will come out. I know you always believe in me and the folks do but I don’t seem to have the stuff in me to make things swing. Sometimes I feel quite elated with my work and the next thing I know I am completely discouraged. Be patient with me won’t you? I write this to you and you only because I’m sure by this time you hav learned what to expect from me. I know it is terrible to tell you all my woes but I always have had to tell you everything and I suppose I always will.
I went to a party last night for one of the teachers. Just we teachers there but it was some party. They don’t hold or give parties here, they “sling them”.


Its almost time to begin another week of teaching and I don’t feel quite ready for it. I know I sounded gloomy in my last letter, but you know my moods. I have such a mob to take care of. Things are going better, I guess the youngsters are beginning to realize that I mean to be boss and I certainly do.
It was a busy weekend. We went to a show called “The Wizard” on Sat night and it was terrible If you had been there you would probably have gotten right up and taken me home. Catherine went home with me Sat and we were almost scared to go to bed that night. Sun afternoon I had to work on my speech or tonight Ahem – yes – Mr. Bell and Miss Benton gave some speeches on education at Springbank tonight I’m glad you didn’t her it cause I never like to have you hear me talk I can’t do it will enough I wasn’t a bit scared and really thought I did quite well.
Catherine made quite a hit with the family I think she surely is a dandy girl I fact I think she and Ralph got o most too well together Perhaps it is a good thing he is getting out of the country tomorrow I’m quite sure she likes him alright, This information is for you alone sweetums so don’t mention it.
So there aren’t many couples at school. Wait till I visit and we’ll show the how a rea couple acts.
Aunt Cecil is to have her operation at 8:00 tomorrow and we don’t know how it will be. She is loosing weight so quickly; at the beginning of last week she was 135 and by the end only 127. Josie came home and Arvilla is there until they see how she i going to get along. The folks are worried about Lawrence. He has been sick with such a pain in his side. They don’t know if it is appendix or indigestion. I really think it is the latter because the kid has been eating such a mess of stuff all the time watermelon, muskmelons, grapes, apples, peaches pears, etc, etc.. Hope it isn’t anything else.
You have probably been reading about the tornado that hit near here. The folks drove down to see the damage this afternoon and said it was terrible Whole sets of farm buildings completely swept away. How thankful we ought to be.
While I think of it, Ralph and Edith Comfort have a baby boy, They named him Donald Ralph. They stole my name, don’t you know.


I simply devour your letters they mean so much to me. I bump up against so many disappointments in this work I have been thinking I how much better I could do my work if you were with me. Why must they bar a married woman from teaching when in many cases she could be a better teacher by having her lifelong companion with her Perhaps it doesn’t work that way in reality. I don’t think that I am so much in love with this work that I couldn’t give it up for you.
Loren Clem left last week but the new Methodist minister moved in donating two boys to my room raising my number to 40!! The room is so crowded there is scarcely room to turn except just around my desk
Springbank is having their annual chicken fry. Don’t you think it would be lovely if you could come? It would be heaven to cuddle in your arms again and feel your lips. It makes me ache clean through – I must beg your pardon for writing this. If I continue that all winter you will be driven to distraction.
We received our first paychecks The pay us at the end of the first three weeks and every four weeks following withholding ten percent of each month’s wage until all books are turned in making our salary come in 10 installments. Most of us went to Sioux City the next day and our wages are all gone now. I invested in a new coat and two dresses and the rest goes to board and room and doctor bills left from this summer. “Oh Boy, that’s where my money goes”
Aunt Cecil is doing so well they think she will be back home the end of this week.
I don’t have Ralph’s address but he isn’t permanently settled yet, other had a letter from him and b\he said Dessa and Vern hadn’t arrived yet but that he couldn’t stay with them.

There isn’t anything new to write The same old thing day after day – a steady round with the kids form morning until night Every day this week has been perfectly terrible. The music teacher sent five youngsters up to the superintendent’s office She always has a worse time with them than I do, I had a little difficulty with one of my fifth graders. Mr. Bell had to handle it, All he did was made the kid sit i his office about an hour and a half and then made him come down and apologize to me. Two of my boys fought on the playground today, Had to keep them in after school and lecture them, They cried but promised to be good sports o the playground her after. If there is any trouble anywhere on the playground or around the school building I am pretty safe i betting some of my youngsters are mixed up in it. Two more families are moving to town, one with four children and the other with one. I’m sure at least one will be added to my classroom.

Hardly seems possible that one whole month ha passed that I have been teaching It has been a hard month but I believe the rest of the months will not be quite so hard, Let’s hope. I am facing a new problem. How should I handle the problem of smoking among my boys or is it a problem for me to handle? It is true that a great number of my boys smoke, even those little fellows in the fourth grade. Some of the parents know about it and some don’t. Miss Myers says she knows nearly all her boys smoke. Surely their parents can’t help but know it and if they let them continue what can we teachers do?
The high school boys played their first football game and lost. That evening I heard that about all the boys were drunk, so drunk they could scarcely walk Why do they do it? There are no young people to speak of that tae part in any of the church activities i Allen They all go to shows or dances on Sunday evening. How could they be persuaded to anything else? It’s too much for me. That is one objection I have to your choosen work It seems like suh a hopeless, dull task never accomplishing anything.
I received a long letter from Ralph telling all about his new experiences and impressions. Mostly impression, only the kind that Ralph could have My I get lonesome for him. He is in Lincoln staying with Dessa and Vern.
Aunt Cecil came home yesterday. Josie lost her school and will stay at home to do the work; the doctors told Cecil not to work for a there would be danger of her trouble returning, Perhaps it is best Josie lost her school.
I’m anxious to hear about the football game. You can’t imagine how I felt Friday afternoon when I’d think of Central having a football game and I couldn’t be there to see it, Why in the world couldn’t I have gotten a school closer to the college?

Would I object if you come to see me! What a question to ask! I nearly wrecked things yesterday when I learned you were coming, I was so excited last night I could hardly sleep. Mother wants me to come home after supper Friday. I hope you can get here before six to go to supper with me. All the teachers are anxious to meet you.

How I hated to see you go Sunday evening! I didn’t want you to know how near to tears I was but I suppose you had guessed.
I have been giving six weeks examinations this week an it is nearly driving me mad. I have been correcting papers until I am cross eyed I got another new pupil Monday. Are you keeping track? That makes 42!


This past week has been a hectic one for me. those windy warm days were miserable one. They make the yougsters so restless. Then Friday it rained and when it is muddy or disagreeable out of doors the children have to stay in their rooms. It certainly is hard on th teachers. It is almost impossible to keep the youngsters quiet which we are suppose to do. Imagine my 42 all tearing around in the room. It is quite like a mad house. Itis slowly driving me insane. I am quite sure that when I go to Norfolk to the teachers meeting they will never let me come home again.
I didn’t think I would get home this weekend but Saturday morning Dad came up and got me. My dad’s nieces daughter, Belle, who is going to Waterbury school this year and they wanted me to meet here. The folks are spoiling me sure . I eep thinking Ill stay here eery week but by the end of the week Im anxious to go home.
Friday evening we teachers “slung” another party at our boarding place. If these parties aren’t the wildest things, I never hope to see them.It wasn’t as bad as the other one we had but it was plenty. Some of these girls go just about as far as they can. In the midst of this you amy not have the same kind f a girl next spring as you had in school. Plenty of jazz in the right crowd can do a plenty.


Whatever has happened to my sweetheart? I received your letter just before school this morning and I haven’t ben able to get it out of my mind sine It has worried me a great deal. won’t you tel me more about your difficulties? Of course I hav an idea of what the trouble is from what you have told me but what has intensified the trouble now? I thought my being away might help matters along with your other work. It has helped me a great deal. I don’t have much time to think about it. I am afraid you have put off our wedded state almost too long. I truly believe that our marriage would relieve your physical and consequently your mental condition entirely. Mr. Ingram and I have been talking a long time this evening about married life. He told me how he and his wife were married. I am almost tempted to try the same thing on you. Im sure it wouldn’t take much coaxing to persuade you. I’ll be thinking it over. Make up your mind right now that you are coming up at Quarterly Meeting time. You must so that I may talk to you. Don’t bother about the expense. Ill take care of that. Now don’t you say one word against it. I’ve made up my mind.For once please do as I want you to without arguing.
I got another pupil this week. He is the cutest little freckled face boy you ever saw. However he hasn’t been to school yet this year so I must have another class for him in some things. The week hasn’t been so terribly bad considering.
Last night we had a terrible rain storm. It simply poured buckets/ Railroad track and road bridges have been washed out until we are left stranded out her on the prairie without communication with the outside world.

I just got back in town this evening after a strenuous weekend in Sioux city. We went down on the bus Friday evening after waiting about an hour on the bus. That made us late in the city but we all ahd to go to the Orpheum. The show was rather dumb I thought. they could weep over it but I din’t feel the least inclined.

the next night Meyers and I went to see the “King of Kings” I thought it was perfectly marvelous. Coming up on the bus this evening I got seasick. The roads were muddy and the back part of th bus swayed back and forth so much it made me sick. We spent Sat. afternoon shopping.Yes we got our pay checks Friday evening and you can guess how much of it I have left.I’m wondering if these regular pay checks aren’t going to ruin me.It is so easy to get the nice things I’ve wanted a long tie but never felt like I could get. I’ll get in the habit and then what?

I certainly was happy to get you letter today. I felt much better after reading it. From the sound of your other letter you must have been having a “blue day”. I feel a bit like that this evening, dear. I can’t see that I am accomplishing a thing and worst of all my kids run wild almost. I taped one boy’s mouth shut today to try to remind him that he isn’t supposed to talk out loud anytime he likes How I dislike boys! I just can’t appreciate them like I can my girls. It’s always the boys that cause mischief. I’ve decided I’m never having any boys of my own. They’re too much bother. I’m just going to have girls and only about two at that. I’ve fully decided that seventeen is about to many.
I about went through the ceiling when you said you were coming in two weeks. Oh boy! I’m wondering how it will work because of the Teacher’s Convention that weekend in Norfolk. It will be complicated; I’ll think on it.
I’m going to Sioux City with Miss Myers this weekend if it doesn’t storm. Tomorrow is pay day again. The lights have gone off and I’m having to use a little old kerosene light. The wind is blowing cold.

So far this week the youngsters have been terrible and the strain of it nearly has e down, I have a cold in my head again. Every afternoon after school I nearly fly away. I need to learn to control my temper but how can I do it? Do you know the secret?
I’m glad to hear about George and Zola. If they feel that they can afford to get married next spring I don’t see what should keep us from it. However there are other things I feel we should be thinking of. Now this question of whether or not I would rather teach. I don’t think that will have any weight at all.

Yesterday I had considerable trouble with notes. Now I don’t object so much to notes themselves, but it is what I found in them. My fifth graders were writing them and they were terrible. You’d be surprised how much these youngsters know and what use they put it to. Miss Meyers was just sick about her sixth graders, but what can we do? If you can suggest anything that might be helpful especially in handling boys I wish you would tell me. I don’t know what to do with them. After school one fond parent came to see me. However I appreciated it very much. This father is very interested in how his boy gets along We had a very nice talk together about his boy. There were no hard words at all. It was rather a climax though and the rest of the evening I was all nerves.

Chester and Lawrence both have serious girlfriends. Honestly I am quite crazy about those two boys Chester seems to be liking school much better and has been on the honor student the last six weeks. Both boys are interested in singing and have been singing for a choir at church. I am getting rather thrilled myself. We have a fine little group going if we can keep it going. I’m going to get some special music and see what I can do with them but don’t have much time to work with them.
This should be a hard week. I should have a Halloween party for my youngsters but oh how I dread it I’ll need a police force to control things when those young hyenas get started. That will be Wednesday and we head for Norfolk on Thursday. You and all the other “home folks” are supposed to come on Saturday. Next week I want to go to home coming at Central. No wonder I feel and look like a wreck.
Oh boy for Friday to hurry! I hardly know where to tell you to meet me. I’m going to be at my cousins’ who lives half a block from the highway on this side of the green house but I can’t tell you the street Earl McAfee is the name and the name is on the house. Of course you can stay at our house if you don’t mind sleeping with Lawrence. Mother asked him and he said he wouldn’t kick you but that isn’t the question; rather it is whether you can pull covers. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the NCC gang. Josie will keep two of the boys at her house and two more can stay at our house.

11/1/28 Postcard of the Norfolk hotel
We got to Norfolk alright but the question now is, are we going to get home again and am I going to see you tomorrow? It has snowed all night and is still snowing so I hardly suppose so but still the roads will be graveled all the way.

My heart is rather heavy tonight. There seems to be no chance of seeing my darling for goodness only knows when. I am so disappointed I scarcely know what to do. I want to be at homecoming so much. I called Lee this evening and he said he had given up all notion of going to Central. Oh why do we have to be so far apart?
Well my love, it is an ill wind that blows no good. If I can’t get this weekend I’ll have a good chance to rest in this time when there is so much sickness at school. I don’t suppose I’ll even get home.

There are not adequate words to express my feelings of this weekend. I was positively ill yesterday thinking about the things I was missing. Everest came in Friday evening and was sorry there wasn’t room for me to go with them but they had no room. Mr. Mitchell, the barber, said he argued with them trying to persuade them but they said no. About 7:00 things came on me so strongly that I dashed down to the restaurant to see what connections I could make on the bus. I figured I could make it so I dashed home and packed, told Mr. Bell I was leaving and dashed back to the restaurant. Well, I waited and waited but the bus didn’t come. It had gone to Sioux City in the afternoon but decided the roads were too muddy to come back. The train wouldn’t get to Central until evening so there I was. Charlie, the janitor, knew I was feeling pretty low so he gave me a var of candy. On Saturday Mr. & Mrs. Bell and Mr. & Mrs. Ingram went duck hunting and they took me along. They didn’t get any ducks but of course one doesn’t always expect to get ducks when you go hunting.
I attended the Methodist church today but I didn’t greatly enjoy it To me the minister seems very tiring. He tries to be funny all the time and it gets old. Maybe the reason I don’t enjoy him even though the other teachers do is because I have two of his boys in my room and they are problems.
Marvin, bless his old heart, said a bus driver came i the barber shop yesterday so he asked him about connections. He said I could leave Allen at 7:00 and gt to Norfolk any Friday then take a bus to Columbus at 7:00 Saturday morning and from there to Central by noon, So far so good, but better yet Marvin said any time I wanted to go he would take me to Wakefield immediately after school some Friday and then could get by train to Central by midnight. That is such a temptation that I think I will soon be coming to Central unless you come here. I almost thought I’d do it this weekend (pay day again)but Mother wants Myers and me to come down home. She said she would have duck for us to eat.
P.S. Marvin is the barber’s son. We board at their place so thy have learned a good bit about all of us. They are very good to us.

After reading your letter I don’t know what to think. Honestly dear, I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I think yes and sometimes I think no. Some advise yes, some no. My friends here don’t feel about it as the friends you are with do. Meyers just raves if I mention such a thing to her. I must talk with you before I decide anything.
The roads are in fairly good condition now but I have my doubts of theri staying that way long. It has been stormy all day today. I hope I can get home next weekend. That at least would be something if I must be cheated out of other things.
You know dear, I have the most unsettled, peculiar feelings sometimes. Living in this town has almost spoiled my disposition, morals and everything else I ever had. I know now why Merl seemed so different after he began teaching Things aren’t like they were in school by any means.

I’m not doing so much about my school work and I’m taking less pains about my work and doing more in other things. The other teachers don’t make slaves of themselves and I’ll be “darned” if I’m going to. (Pardon the slang)
I’m sure your experience in the dormitory is nothing more than I find here but don’t mind now I’m getting the same way. We don’t talk or think seriously here, We laugh about the kids we’ve spanked and the funny things that happen in school. After supper especially we get awfully silly. The most anyone uses their minds here is to play cards. Loosen up my love,, and get into the spirit of it too. If you don’t you’ll always be looking down on others I’ll venture you’ll find that anywhere you’ll teach.
This time next Sunday I hope I will have been with you and will I love you? Oh boy wait and see. I could just kiss your face off I do believe. If plans fall through this week I’m sure I don’t know when I’ll see you. Am I going to have to wait until Christmas?
We got into an argument at the dinner table about men. I said that I thought that you were the nearest to a perfect an that I ever knew and if they knew you they would know why I say it. The reply I got was “Marry him Benton. Love is blind”.
I was home last weekend for the first time in three weeks. Meyers was supposed to come with me but she went to Wayne right after school and hadn’t come back by 6:00 so I left word for her to come to Waterbury on the bus Saturday morning. She came but I couldn’t get either of the cars started and had to wait for one of the boys to come in from the field. By that time she had taken the train to Sioux City. I feel perfectly terrible about it but what could I do. I couldn’t call her on the phone and she couldn’t call me.

I feel terribly moody tonight. I ha planned so big o seeing you this week and the weather seems so nice now that I can scarcely give up the idea that you won’t come. I’m glad you have your work at the store if it is helping you out of difficulties but I thought to myself how glad I was I’m not in school if you must spend so much time working. Looks that way now too, doesn’t it? I don’t want you to feel as I do – so tired to care what happens. The little contest in conduct I’ve been having was ended last evening so I gave the 4th grad their party. Of course the 5th grad were peeved and acted terrible. Girls are fine; the boys are terrible. Meyers says the 6th grade is the same. I never discuss matters much with the gang because I heard they thought I couldn’t stand the year.

It is impossible for me to be cross with you very long I did feel almost cross with you for not coming up since it was such a perfectly lovely weekend. If it had been anyone else they might have come anyway, but I knew you wouldn’t . You always do everything too nearly right for that.
We had a delightful Quarterly Meeting. Everyone enjoyed it but it did see strange not to have some folk from the college.
My dear, one of the great mysteries of the universe was solved for me last week in a most revealing way. One of my young hopefuls said in his geography examination that Jerusalem was the place where God was born. Oh what one doesn’t learn!

I am so excited now that I can scarcely eat or sleep. Miss Bordeson is taking the bus from Wayne to Fremont Wednesday evening and I will go with her then take the first train to Columbus. I wish I could give the exact hour of my arrival but sine I can’t I’ll just hope that you can make a guess and b there. I think I should die if you are not there. Just two more days and then……..

12/2/28 Sent special delivery
How different is this evening than the last few evenings! When the train left this morning I had an impulse to run and jump off. When I got to Columbus I called your folks and Herald came down and got me. I was just in time to have dinner with them. Your Dad sat by me an Chester wouldn’t eat until he would change places with him. He would just look at me with those lovely brown eyes of his and they would just sparkle. Those youngsters bring back my love for kiddies more than anything else. All of them are so dear.
It was snowing again when I was at Columbus. Your father (or should I just say Dad?) called me a “jinx”. The driver said he’d take care of my suitcase but the old egg went off and left it at the station Someone bought it on in a car. It is storming in a terrific manner tonight . From Norfolk here the snow blew so we could scarcely see the road. It sounds now like it would blow the house in I’m mighty glad I’m safe at home again.
Even though I am tired and prbably will have a cold I am glad I went to see you. It has given me many pleasant memories to think of above all how you love me. As I told you before I need you for moral and, yes, physical support. Now I believe I can get along quite nicely for the next twenty days.

I have never had such a cold in all all my life. To make it worse it has settled in my eyes and I can hardly see. Hence my short note. A normal trainer taught my class yesterday. I don’t know if I can manage today or not

12/9/28 From Waterbury
Now that I have had a nap I feel refreshed enough to actually write letters. Sorry I couldn’t write last week due to my condition. On Thursday I sent down to the drug store for some dark glasses and been wearing them since. My eyes are better now and I think they will be all right. After this I bet I’ll not forget to take soda every night, Nearly all the faculty had colds last week. Nice to think that it will be vacation again in two weeks. What a pleasant thing to think of especially since I am getting another pupil and I dread it because I know what kind of boy he is.
Last night we had a carnival at the school. It was surely a mess but we had a good time. We just had a lot of foolishness but I believe we made quite a little money, a hundred dollars if not more. Meyers came home with me afterwards and we had a hard time getting up in the morning after so much gaiety.
Friday night I went to Waterbury with Ingram’s to see the basketball game between Waterbury and Belden. Waterbury lost 8 to 6. It was a fairly good game between equal teams. Chester played center. The Waterbury boys could get the ball but not score.
I wish I felt as sure as you do about what I want to do next year, I want to be with you but I’m not sure that I want to give up my work since I have just gotten started. You see it doesn’t make any difference with you because you can go right on doing it by beingt married In my case I’ll have to go into a humdrum monotonous round of days work with no hope f any change. Now if I could be doing interesting work myself and still be with you that would be perfect.
I wish you would tell me something you want for Christmas. You seem to have everything that one can get for a man. I have made a list and I want you to mark off the things you would rather not have:
Lounging robe
Military brushes
Shaving outfit
Handlaced billfold
portable typewriter
fountain pen & pencil
desk set
cuff links
tie pin
folding shaving set
manicuring sel
desk clock

Dearest, I feel guilty in telling you what I am about to tell you. About this ring – I know there are so many other things that are … know.I almost feel as though it is imposing upon you to even want it. Anyway the size is 7 according to the ring I now have.


This letter is going to be a relaxation from what I have just been writing. Some letters to some mamas whose sonny boys wouldn’t take their report cards home. Do I hate it? I simply despise such work but it must be done. This week has been a terrible one but thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday and the week is almost done. Thank goodness I don’t have many years to look forward to in the profession. It has almost entirely destroyed my love for youngsters. It will be a long time before I can get that back.
Your last letter got me all excited. How you can tempt a person! Wouldn’t it be fun to do all of that? It seems like a pipe dream that could hardly be true. Those little rooms would be darling and with you – well sweetheart I don’t think you would have to ask me twice. If you think you can make it work, I’ll be with you.
The gang keeps asking me what happened during vacation. I act so far away since then. I just tell them that we were married and I haven’t come to earth yet. They act sometimes like thy believe me.

It won’t be long now until we can be together. You said your boss might not let you off work. Well he had better or I’ll give him a piece of my mind. I’m counting on you being here a week from today.
I wonder if you have made any attempt to find a location for next year. It doesn’t make so much difference to you but I must know what I’m going to do by the middle of February. School elections are held then and I have to tell them what I am going to do I won’t consider taking the same job again unless they make some change. Josie has big plans about getting a teaching job in Norfolk and wants me to try to get in there too and we could get an apartment together. Should I try for it? When you are looking for places for us there might be other work I could do and b just as happy or perhaps better.
Meyers and I went to the city to go shopping yesterday. Evrything was crowded and jammed until one could hardly get anywhere We bot decided we’d begin Christmas shopping next year in the middle of summer. It is lots of fun though.
Friday Allen and Waterbury played basketball. I certainly was in a peculiar situation. By sympathy was with Waterbury because Chester was playing center but I was supposed to be with the Allen gang. To save myself I didn’t yell either way. Waterbury won.
This week the teachers are haing a party at Bell’s on Monday, Tuesday is dress rehearsal for an operetta the music teacher is doing with the grades. I am to play for it. While I practice Mr. Bell will teach my class. The pupils will be mad. Do them good. We give the operetta on Thursday. It is a little play about the Three Bears. Friday we will have our Christmas tree, gifts, treats, etc. It certainly will be a relief when it is over. Mother says on Christmas day we will probably just stay home and eat. I hope you can be there.

George’s letter today nearly broke my heart. How could I help but feel worried about you when someone else had to write your letter for you. Everyone is having the flu. Please take extremely good care of yourself and don’t take pneumonia. I want you to come so much but don’t endanger your health just to get here. If only I had you here so I could take care of you and would at least know how you were. After Christmas you must promise me you will give up some of your workload.
Mr. Ingram says we had nothing to worry about as far as money is concerned if you won’t be in debt anymore than you said. He is in debt $900 for education and his wife $600 and she is still in school.What do we need to hesitate for? He said the only thing we needed to consider is whether we loved each other enough to go through everything together.
A salesman visited school today trying to sell we teachers some things in the way of tapestries and such. He had a lovely bedspread that I wanted so much. It was a beauty and I know you would have like it but I don’t think you would have approved of the price so I didn’t get it Mother keeps telling me to get busy and get the things that I want but I just haven’t yet. I wish I knew more about things you would like. I want them to please you.

I was very happy to hear that you are so much better. That puts me more at ease. I’m not sick at all, don’t have time to be that way, but I am…oh well, I’ll be glad for a vacation. The president o the school board’s son told Ingram tonight he heard I was going to quit school after Christmas. Ingram said he didn’t think so if they got another teacher. As it is he thought I was wrecking myself. He told the boy line hoping he would go home and tell his father. How I wish he would with some effect! Wouldn’t that be heavenly?
Miss Hammond and I made popcorn balls this evening for our kiddies and also bought some candy and peanuts for treats. I have a Christmas tree in my room now and the kiddies are perfectly silly about it and the little party I’m having Friday afternoon. They are all saying “I’ll bet you can’t guess what Im going to give you for Christmas”. I expect I’ll have a good collection to show you. Of course I’ll enthuse about everything as though it was the best I ever saw.
Tomorrow night is the big operetta. Won’t I be glad when it is over? Seven of my youngsters are in it and I have to see that they are properly dressed and then pay for the thing. I have to watch so carefully all the time to see what they are doing. If they make a mistake or lose their place I have to go back and repeat, etc. A real task.
You crazy boy – don’t you think of working in the store Saturday. I’ll feel really cross i you do. It would be such a foolish thing to do. Since President has been so kind as to make arrangements for you, why in the name of common sense don’t you take advantage of it?

12/30/28 from Waterbury
I have thought of nothing else but you since you have left. I have slept as much as possible and feel greatly recuperated and do not dead going back to school nearly as much as I did. I think I can go back with more courage. Teaching as an end in itself seemed like drudgery but now teaching i not an end in itself but the means to a greater and better end. It will mean the beginning of the realization of a long ambition at least I think it will be and in companionship with you it will be perfect. I mean the chance I will have to study music. I cannot bear to think of going through another year without you even though sometimes it seems better that we should. I want you so , dear.
Ralph and I sat up late talking about very personal matters, on’t you know. I told him all about our plans and he thinks they are OK.


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